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  • 11th November 2023

Nomination Submission

Nominations must be submitted using the online Nominating Process. Click on a category that you are interested in, there you will find a link to the Online Nominating Process. Please send additional documents to info@ghanabusinessawards.com

Start with a brief overview of your organization (corporate biography)

Provide details of the size of your organization (number of staff, annual revenue, etc)


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Step 2: Summary of company/individuals
Provide a brief (not more than 100words) of the company or individual. Please note that this may be included in the awards script and brochure if you are shortlisted.*

Step 3: Award Entry
In not more than a 1000 words, kindly give us reasons why your company deserve to win this award*

Step 4: Award Form Please confirm if your company’s representative will be at the Awards to accept the trophy.

Step 5: Attachments
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Web links and links to videos and other information are acceptable as part of an entry
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