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  • 11th November 2023

GBA Award Categories

General Categories

Excellence in Customer Service Award

This award recognizes the standard of customer service offered by individual shipping lines, or their agent, as seen by their customers. To win this award a business must excel in providing the highest level of customer experience via their involvement in communications, problem solving and innovation.

Excellence in HSEQ Award

This award will be made to the company responsible for introducing effective safety measures producing demonstrable improvements in occupational health and safety or risk reduction. This may involve either the movement of freight or by any mode carrying freight.

Excellence in Corporate Social Responsibility

Judging Criteria as follows
• Commitment to employee and community welfare
• Giving back to society via staff volunteering schemes
• Global spread of CSR commitment
• Fund raising or charity programmes to help society

Promising Group of Companies /Company of the Year

An award for a Company/Group of Companies within 5 years of working in any sector of the Ghanaian economy deemed to have made special contribution to the economy during the past twelve months.

Promising CEO/Entrepreneur of the Year

An award for a person/professional under the age of 40 working in any sector of the Ghanaian economy deemed to have made special contribution to his or her industry during the past twelve months.

Excellence in Innovation and Technology

A firm must showcase smart new products or services which approach the everyday in new ways, enhance performance, decrease costs, or spearhead that big change that no one even thought they needed until it was made.
i. The entry must detail a product or service or business process that shows genuine innovation.
ii. Related to any part of a company’s offering, the innovation must demonstrate concrete benefits to the company, its customers or suppliers.
iii. The entry for this award must demonstrate the impact the new innovation has had upon the business: did productivity increase? Did revenues or profitability increase? Did the product set a new internal or industry standard?

Social Entrepreneur of the Year

This award will recognize an outstanding achiever, an owner of a company who has a successful track record and has made a telling socio economic contribution. The nominee must have used his/her influence, resource and expertise to contribute to his business or projects that has the society as the focus.

Local Content Award

This award recognizes implementation of policies that ensure significant participation by local companies and citizens, in both direct employment and in awarding contracts. It also considers regulations tailored to the absorptive capacity of national industry. The award also recognizes country-based Local content strategies that satisfy business plans, meet Local content obligations, and strengthen backward-linkages and local supplier competitiveness.

Brand of the Year

Whether it's a prelaunch, reformulation, brand extension, or simply a new or better approach, this award recognises outstanding performance by an existing brand in response to changing trade or consumer needs in the country. This is a household name in the Ghanaian industry and has been selected for truly being exceptional.

Emerging Brand of the Year

Nominees for the emerging brand of the year Award are companies that have developed or entered new markets and/or innovative business strategies that have grown their networks, revenues, customer patronage and/or brand recognition. This award is presented to new company that is less than 5 years old and has campaigned well by introducing and providing a marketing strategy that has delivered measurable results in customer and/or revenue growth, a business strategy that has increased brand recognition and loyalty across existing and new customers, an innovative marketing and branding strategy that differentiates the carrier from its competitors.

Group of companies of the year

Promising Group of companies of the year

Company of the Year

Promising Company of the Year

CEO of the Year

Entrepreneur of the Year

Promising Entrepreneur of the Year

Social Entrepreneur of the Year

Corporate Social Responsibility Company of the Year

Customer Service company of the Year

Indigenous Company of the Year

Emerging Brand of the Year

Brand of the Year

Excellence In Innovations

Local Content Award


Telecom of the Year

Mobile Money Service provider of the Year

Farming Company of the Year

Agro Input Company of the Year

Shipping Company of the Year

Pharmaceutical Company of the Year

Airline of the Year (International)

Airline of the Year (Domestic)

Finance house of the Year

Savings and Loans Company of the Year

Securities and Investment Company of the Year

Media Organisation of the Year

Oil and Gas Company of the Year (Upstream)

Oil and Gas Company of the Year (Downstream)

Microfinance Company of the Year

General insurance Company of the Year

Life Insurance Company of the Year

Real Estate Company of the Year

Retail Company of the Year

Hospitality Company of the Year

Government Agency of the Year

Pension Company of the Year

Supply Company of the year

Construction Company of the Year

Health Insurance Company of the Year

Security Company of the Year

Sanitation Company of the Year

IT Company of the Year

Beverage/Water Company for the Year

Manufacturing Company of the Year

Logistics Service Provider of the Year

Auto Company of the Year

Non-Governmental Organization of the Year

Importer of the Year

Supplier of the Year

Mining Company of the Year

Exporter of the Year

Consultancy firm of the Year

Bank of the Year

Government Agency of the Year

Print Company of the Year

Restaurant of the Year

Life Insurance Company of the Year


Life Time Achievement Award

Excellence in Business Award

Woman of Excellence Award

Outstanding Leadership Award

Outstanding Contribution to the Economy